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About Us

Our Laser & Skin Rejuvenation Center was started by Dr. Matthew C. Portz of Family Practice Medical Associates South. 

He operates his aesthetics practice within Family Practice Medical Associates South with the assistance of Jennifer Darkowski, PA-C. Dr. Portz has been in practice for 27 years and is particularly proud of the safety, privacy, and well-being of all of his patients. 

Experience a specialized combination of treatments for men and women that will perfectly transform your body and spirit. 

Our first-class service includes skin rejuvenation, leg and facial veins, hair removal, and more. Our medical staff is highly trained and your privacy is assured.


J.L. R.

At the age of 56 I developed several age spots on my nose and stomach. I thought several times that I am too young for these and hated them. Dr. Portz performed a laser treatment on them and now they are gone. It is so nice to be free of those horrible age spots. Thank you so much 

Dr. Portz.

Janet C.

After covering up the spider veins on my nose with make-up for years I decided to try laser therapy. I had one laser treatment from Dr. Portz at South Hills Laser Center and the veins are totally gone. It is so nice to look in the mirror and not see the spider veins anymore. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers with this problem.

Cindy M.

This was my very first Microdermabrasion, and I had a very good experience. The procedure did not take anytime at all, and my skin felt very soft. I was very satisfied. Doctor Portz explained the procedure very well, and he and the staff were very nice and accommodating to my schedule. I would recommend South Hills Laser to my friends and family.